It Depends On You!

Life never happens until you make it happen. Peruse your thoughts on this article and your perception towards taking responsibilities could change for good.

Zoe's Blog

Many Christians are not living, but merely existing. A lot of us act like spectators in this world; we sit, fold our arms and watch other people make things happen. Many of us prefer to set up a club where we talk about how bad the people of the world are; how they are so doomed to go to hell and how holy we are. We just waste all the potential that God has put in us and complain that we do not have a say in this world and that we are being persecuted. We expect that God would make things happen. And when things are not working, we assume God is not doing anything. But that is very wrong. God works. It’s just that there are some things He would not do not because He can’t, but because He would not.

I would like to liken life to…

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