Misconception About Prayer

From the inception of “Religious Civilization” (check the meaning at the end of the article) a lot has changed pertaining to how rituals and services are conducted. Religion has relatively been imbibed with ethical human formalities; it is barely different from how social and local meetings are conducted. Formality has replaced Spirituality as men now conduct religious services with contingency to social gatherings.

||My focal point of discuss will be on prayer||

“Influence” and “imitation” stands to be the defining determinant on how unidealistic beliefs are transferred from the self proclaimed “literates” to the ignorant. Most of what we do and how we do things today emanated from the lifestyles our predecessors lived. Praying (in this context) has unfortunately been perverted with wrong ideologies. You hear people say “I pray for 30 minutes every morning” or “my daily 10 minutes communion with God.”

Note 📝: How much time you spend with God is not the problem, but using Time to determine how long you stay with God is a befouling character.

Placing “time constraints” on how long we spend with God is a wrong attitude that constantly depletes out innate aptitude as spiritual beings. How much time we spend in the domain of God’s presence shouldn’t be determined by man-made formalities. “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh…But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.” Gal 5:16&18

The law is subject to worldly formalities, we are not under the law, neither are we of this world. We should therefore be led by the spirit, and not controlled by time.

Understanding that we are spiritual beings dwelling in a vessel called the body, and ‘passing through’ a planet called earth should probably help meliorate our attitude towards God.  Human beings live by the flesh; Spirit beings, of course, live by the Spirit. The spirit world is not limited by time, neither should you.

-Pacesetter Abbey

Religious Civilization: Inculcating worldly formalities into the affairs of spiritualism.

4 thoughts on “Misconception About Prayer

      1. i see with you mean. But could time also be some kinda of wisdom discipline? eg i spent hours on fb and now i,m determine to spend more time with God in prayers. True the Holy Spirit helps me in prayers but i should say until its 3omins i would leave the prayer altar is that the light in which you are talking or just a show-off time slot?


        1. This is you trying to gratify the desires of the flesh as a means of meeting your spiritual needs. That’s the problem sister, using “time constraints” as a determinant of how long we dwell in God’s presence (the praying atmosphere). This is also referred to as “worldly patterns” which the bible tackles in Romans 12:2.

          As spirit beings, time is an inconsiderate factor in our dealings with God. The bible never told us to pray for 30 minutes or one hour (such specificity is considered mediocre), we were told to simply PRAY as led by the spirit.

          The law (from the biblical perspective) requires that you do things in certain ways: you become limited by such perpetual practice. The word says otherwise, “but if you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law” Prov 3:5.

          Based on your assertion above, you said “until its 3omins i would leave the prayer altar.” What if at that moment, God requires that you spend more time with him, or perhaps less. You can check my facebook page for more insight on the topic, someone had a question similar to yours

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