A Life of Randomness

Humans without self-will are comfortably driven by involuntarism (doing things without will or conscious control). Nature for example, has no mind of its own, perhaps it does, nevertheless its acts are predicted with intuitive scientific devices which 90% of the time are accurate. In the cause of a ceremonial event, Nature might decide to let off some rain, it wouldn’t consider the likelihood of a disrupt the rain might cause which could peradventure disorganize the ongoing event. Well, Nature has no mind of its own, so we can’t really blame it, control or alter its actions.

Humans, on the other hand, are endowed with a mind so phenomenal its capabilities trails beyond imaginative limits. The construct of our thoughts aren’t predicted relative to the involuntary acts of Nature, rather we are efficiently capable of making decisions, at the same time considering its consequences.

Sadly, with all these glorious efficacies bestowed on the mind, some people still prefer living like Nature. They forgo their inner gift and rather drift with the wind; if the crowd goes east, they become cowards and follow aghast; their stomach becomes a navigating compass leading to where food lays await; the affections of their emotions are driven by notions of fickle; some have become puppets controlled by invisible strings; in all entirety, their mind has become a vacuum of nothingness galvanized by Nature itself. These statements might seem unrealistically hyperbolized, they aren’t, they simply describe people whose lives are steered by Randomness. “A life of randomness,” you might call it.

Getting off your bed shouldn’t be spontaneous, it should be a decision made long before you slept. Wake up because you planned to, not because you feel you’ve slept enough. Reacting to cognitive stimuli goes beyond our control, but understanding how stimuli works gives us the incentive to control it.

Don’t eat because others are eating, don’t pick your phone everytime it beeps, don’t obey what a superior says (always do what is right), neither should you disobey (just do what is right), don’t follow an already-made path (create your own path), etc.

Refuse to live a life buried in randomness

Success will remain a dream to randomnists but a reality to self-willed men.

Pacesetter Abbey



(c) 2017 by Pacesetter Abbey