Use what you have

Learning from our Dear Animals

The flight of a bird is not determined by the colour or size of its wings, it was predestined by the creator.
The bird with the most colorful wing is actually a duck (Mandarin Duck), and we all know that ducks are mostly aquatic birds, spending most of their time atop water.
The bird with largest wings is an ostrich; surprisingly their wings are not even meant for flying.

Simply because it’s called a bird doesn’t mean it can fly. Just as birds vary in their areas of personal capabilities, so do we humans vary from each other. A parrot can’t fly as high as an eagle, but yet the parrot posses something phenomenal, the ability to talk.

Refined Moral:
Don’t focus on what you can’t do, focus on your responsibility, focus on your goal, focus on what God has appointed you to do. A Lion can’t be jealous of an eagle because of its inability to fly, if that be the case why should we as humans be jealous of what we are not destined by God to do.
A doctor needs the help of an Accountant for the safe keeping of his money/assets, tomorrow the Accountant will need the help of a doctor for an health issue.

Redefined Moral:
“Someone somewhere is looking for what you have to offer.”

-Pacesetter Abbey


Life is NOT All about Purpose

Life is NOT all about purpose,
There is more to LIFE than purpose.
It’s a good thing to know our purpose, it’s likewise better to achieve it, but most importantly, it’s best to have the right beliefs.

Lets scrutinize our thoughts on this scripture for a moment, “what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.”
The phrase “gains the whole world” can be termed as an idiomatic expression which literally means “achieving one’s purpose.” You could be a Christian walking in the line of God’s purpose for your life and yet still divulge the wrong beliefs, you could also be a Muslim who thinks all that matters is doing good and yet still reckon the wrong faith.

We are being warned (from the scripture above) not lose sight of our priorities, not to get too attracted to the dictums of the world nor distracted by the success that precedes our diligence and hard work. Do not let your efforts be in vain by thinking you’re always in the light, not knowing that your are like a bulb that shines bright today and goes dim tomorrow. Set your priorities straight and look deep into your life to cleanse yourself of all the camouflaged stains that has habituated in you all these while.

Don’t be like a goat who thinks its being fed in surplus because of the love the owners have for it, not knowing that death lies in wait for the meat it has to offer. The goat had a wrong belief, even though things were working out well for it, it still died believing in vanity. The goat was achieving purpose, it was growing fatter than its peers, it had a generous, caring, and loving master (in deception) who fed it day and night with the most sumptuous meals, but one thing was missing, “the goat believed in the wrong thing.” THANK GOD we are not goats, but mind you, because we are goats physically doesn’t mean we can’t behave like one.

Purpose without the right beliefs is like a goat who thinks its a pet

Purpose + Right Beliefs = LIFE

-Pacesetter Abbey

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