Humpty Dumpty’s Conundrum

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses,

and all the kings men

Couldn’t put humpty dumpty together again

It’s ironic how a being so fragile thought it wise to make its dwelling place the peak of a wall whose height from the ground might turn out disastrous after a fall. Is the view above worth risking its live to see? Or is his purpose more important than his life.

Lets scrutinize

Humpty Dumpty, I believe, is an indirect personification of some human beings; we understand the perils our vulnerabilities might expose us to, yet we take the risk of avoiding a fall while sitting on top of a wall. We know how fragile our hearts could become, yet we welcome love knowing our hearts could be broken. We know failure might befall our progress, yet we continue to strive in hope of success. Is life really worth the risk of living? Was there a purpose behind Humpty dumpty’s fall? Or was the fall rather benign?

Regardless our perception, there are subtle extracts of knowledge to learn from. Humpty Dumpty is obviously a fictional character who was originally introduced as a riddle, and as we all know riddles are questions or statements intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning.

Here’s my view on Humpty Dumpty’s conundrum.

Let’s assume Humpty Dumpty is a female character suffering from osteopenia (a medical condition in which the bone’s mineral density is lower than normal), she apparently would have a greater risk of sudden and unexpected skeletal fractures. This abnormality makes her a paragon analogous to Humpty Dumpty, being that she is just as vulnerable when exposed to falls from great heights. Let’s call her Lily.

Lily fully understands the gravity and threatening side effects of suffering from osteopenia; she might lose her legs if her fibula fractures, or rather die from craniocerebral trauma (injury to the skull). Yet, out of all dexterities, hobbies and easy occupational fields, she decides to be a professional rock climber, the exact thing that could lead to her demise.

Would you say Lily is unwise to make such precarious decision or is she just an optimistic fellow hoping for the best regardless her shortcomings? From a profound point of view, Lily is courageous. She has decided to transcend the comfortability life throws at her due to her condition, she believes that our goals and passions shouldn’t be limited by what we think we can do or what others expect from us, rather we should learn to fly in the absence of wings.

The same synopsis can be seen in Humpty Dumpty’s story. He understood the fatality his actions might lead to, but he made sure his purpose was achieved before death.

Would you die for your purpose or rather live unachieved?

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January 2018

A Life of Randomness

Humans without self-will are comfortably driven by involuntarism (doing things without will or conscious control). Nature for example, has no mind of its own, perhaps it does, nevertheless its acts are predicted with intuitive scientific devices which 90% of the time are accurate. In the cause of a ceremonial event, Nature might decide to let off some rain, it wouldn’t consider the likelihood of a disrupt the rain might cause which could peradventure disorganize the ongoing event. Well, Nature has no mind of its own, so we can’t really blame it, control or alter its actions.

Humans, on the other hand, are endowed with a mind so phenomenal its capabilities trails beyond imaginative limits. The construct of our thoughts aren’t predicted relative to the involuntary acts of Nature, rather we are efficiently capable of making decisions, at the same time considering its consequences.

Sadly, with all these glorious efficacies bestowed on the mind, some people still prefer living like Nature. They forgo their inner gift and rather drift with the wind; if the crowd goes east, they become cowards and follow aghast; their stomach becomes a navigating compass leading to where food lays await; the affections of their emotions are driven by notions of fickle; some have become puppets controlled by invisible strings; in all entirety, their mind has become a vacuum of nothingness galvanized by Nature itself. These statements might seem unrealistically hyperbolized, they aren’t, they simply describe people whose lives are steered by Randomness. “A life of randomness,” you might call it.

Getting off your bed shouldn’t be spontaneous, it should be a decision made long before you slept. Wake up because you planned to, not because you feel you’ve slept enough. Reacting to cognitive stimuli goes beyond our control, but understanding how stimuli works gives us the incentive to control it.

Don’t eat because others are eating, don’t pick your phone everytime it beeps, don’t obey what a superior says (always do what is right), neither should you disobey (just do what is right), don’t follow an already-made path (create your own path), etc.

Refuse to live a life buried in randomness

Success will remain a dream to randomnists but a reality to self-willed men.

Pacesetter Abbey



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Hurricane Harvey

The enormity of this flood here in Houston reminds me of the great tribulation revealed to John in the book of revelation. It’s beyond all doubt a tip of the iceberg, yet it stands as a defining moment for the prophesied quandaries to come especially to those quantifying “the word” as a bunch of fables and myths. Without the need of going in depth on how unearthly this event seems to be, I hope folks get the disguised messaged masked in this natural disaster.

Some are fortunate not to be affected while others aren’t. Nonetheless, it remains cataclysmic based on the forecast of more rainfall throughout the week. Amazingly, vast amount of people volunteered to provide aid to those in dire need, which has in fact positively affected the city as a whole.

Hurricane Harvey has indeed taken some lives with it, but more lives would have been lost if not for the love shared amongst people without the bias consideration of race, religion, or ethnical background. Times like this are sedative, it makes us look beyond our differences. It steals our comfort (our homes, belongings, etc.) yet brings us together as one. Driving tears and causing pain, at the same time reminding us of how fragile we really are (without God).

Watching people climb rooftops as a means of escaping the engulfing flood was really disheartening. Roads where cars would pass on a normal day has become a sea of boats. The safest place to hide in a home is now a roof instead of a room. Peals of thunder coupled with deafening lightening strikes setting buildings on fire. Helicopters flying around with ropes trying to rescue the few they can. In all entirety, Harvey is devastating.

The subdivision I reside remains unaffected. Thank God for that. But my prayer goes to those victimized by this excruciating dilemma. May God see us all through.

-Pacesetter Abbey

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Misconception About Prayer

From the inception of “Religious Civilization” (check the meaning at the end of the article) a lot has changed pertaining to how rituals and services are conducted. Religion has relatively been imbibed with ethical human formalities; it is barely different from how social and local meetings are conducted. Formality has replaced Spirituality as men now conduct religious services with contingency to social gatherings.

||My focal point of discuss will be on prayer||

“Influence” and “imitation” stands to be the defining determinant on how unidealistic beliefs are transferred from the self proclaimed “literates” to the ignorant. Most of what we do and how we do things today emanated from the lifestyles our predecessors lived. Praying (in this context) has unfortunately been perverted with wrong ideologies. You hear people say “I pray for 30 minutes every morning” or “my daily 10 minutes communion with God.”

Note 📝: How much time you spend with God is not the problem, but using Time to determine how long you stay with God is a befouling character.

Placing “time constraints” on how long we spend with God is a wrong attitude that constantly depletes out innate aptitude as spiritual beings. How much time we spend in the domain of God’s presence shouldn’t be determined by man-made formalities. “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh…But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.” Gal 5:16&18

The law is subject to worldly formalities, we are not under the law, neither are we of this world. We should therefore be led by the spirit, and not controlled by time.

Understanding that we are spiritual beings dwelling in a vessel called the body, and ‘passing through’ a planet called earth should probably help meliorate our attitude towards God.  Human beings live by the flesh; Spirit beings, of course, live by the Spirit. The spirit world is not limited by time, neither should you.

-Pacesetter Abbey

Religious Civilization: Inculcating worldly formalities into the affairs of spiritualism.

The Magician


The Magician

Abracadabra, says the ignorant magician,
A cliché too ancient for human cognition.
Saddled in an attire, a native black dress,
In Hopes of putting fear amidst the audience.

Pillocks are amazed at his tricks,
With their eyes gazing without a blink.
“what a genius,” they said,
Not knowing they’ve all been fooled.

“Abracadabra,” says the ignorant magician,
“Hocus Pocus Fishbones Chokus,
Izzy Wizzy- let’s get busy”
As he dazzles the crowd with empty fables.

-Pacesetter Abbey


A change in environment, a change in friends, a change in atmosphere, in all entirety can lead to a change in belief, attitude, and character. Acclimatizing into a system of unfamiliar ideologies alters one’s approach to life: way of thinking and doing things. It takes restraint and self-discipline to resist the urge of fitting in into a substandard environment, let alone maintaining one’s precedent beliefs.

Living in a country whose beliefs deviates from my cultural norms has been soothing so far, but the lifestyles inculcated by some of my Nigerian friends is beginning to exceed what I can keep quiet about.

It all starts with the friends we keep. Friends are not just companions, they are people with whom one has a bond of mutual affection; a bad company of them instigates a pathway that steadily and quietly depletes one’s lifestyle. An open enemy is 10times better than a fake friend, they take away from you, change you, ruin you, and then leave you for dead.
Be cautious of the company you keep

“The Righteous should choose their friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads them astray.” Prov 12:26

-Pacesetter Abbey

The World of Today

Sojourning through earth with an impeccable lifestyle is almost an impossibility. The corruptness of the world grows like wild fire, burning through the hearts of innocent men. Today you stand strong, tomorrow you fall.

Can the world be healed of such vehement illness? Can our strength become so stringent that we overcome every temptation in our path? Can sin be eradicated on earth?

The average man hopes for a better morrow, yet acts in opposition to his aspirations. A young lad confesses his sins today, tomorrow he commits another. Children, we say “are the future of tomorrow,” yet they re-live the ways of the past.

Can man ever subdue his lustful desires? Can diligence become a lifestyle without indulging in pleasures? Can satisfaction be derived from perseverance rather than taking shortcuts?

My Hope for the future stays rooted in God’s word. My longing for betterment remains salient. And most importantly, I see a generation of heroes reborn.
The questions is: Will you be a Hero in today’s world?

-Pacesetter Abbey
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Rose was such a lovely lady, very high spirited and on the curvy side, her discernment on spiritual matters was equally flawless as she doesn’t joke with church attendance and personal devotions. As spiritual as she was, religious and doctrinal belief had no influence on her dressing; She was always charming and smart with her dressing…her expertise in makeup also made her face beautiful…she knew exactly what powder to use with certain lip gloss yet being mindful of the moderacy expected of her as a child of God….In short, Rose is the definition of class, beauty and spiritual maturity.

“So you kept thinking about her even in church?” ??‍♂(Paul jesting). “Why not tell her then since you’re convinced of God’s consent?”??‍♂
The Sarcasm in Paul’s voice was undeniable in Andrew’s ears yet he gullibly replied…”I can’t!??‍♂ …I don’t feel good enough for her…she’s just perfect…her scent each time she passes…

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How to Curb Distractions

“The distractive mind trails on the path to destruction, but power of concentration can help surge its restoration.”
-Pacesetter Abbey

Bhagwad Gita says that the brain traps you into distractions, makes you dance to its tunes and you end up being sad. Your 5 senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) are like horses of a chariot. The charioteer is your mind. The owner of the chariot sitting behind and above the charioteer is your soul. The distractions will be there forever and your senses will keep running to them. This is only possible till the soul doesn’t become a master of the mind. Controlling of the mind is the toughest task and once that is accomplished all other tasks merely require patience. Once the mind is concentrated it’s like a magnifying glass focusing energy to a spot.

There are two weapons you can attack distractions with to control it – Knowledge and Discipline.

Knowledge gives you the incentives required to curb distractions. Discipline perpetuates your innate zeal in setting your mind on a specific task, in other words, it makes you become unwaverable (this word doesn’t exist, but I hope you get the message). The question now is, what kind of knowledge is needed to curb distractions. Well, just as they say, “experience is the best teacher.” Instead of going on the quest in search of psychological books that teaches concentration, why not purge your own mind, dig deep within yourself, and uproot those treasures of knowledge. There you will find ways to subdue your distractions. [My reason for not giving a direct solution is that we are all different, what worked for me might not work for you].

Secondly, DISCIPLINE. Finding the right knowledge is easy, but putting that knowledge to practice is where the difficulty lies. Practice how to concentrate, make it a daily routine, an habit, a lifestyle. “Once your mind is on the right track, you need to make sure it does not veer off course by the endless calling of distractions. That’s where the discipline comes in. All these distractions – infatuation, anger, porn, movies, cat videos on youtube, etc are all just worldly pleasures and are illusions. The purpose of these things is to not let you accomplish your purpose in life. When you understand and remember this you won’t be afraid of them. You’ll start becoming disciplined towards avoiding them and not giving them much value.”

“This will take patience, daily practice and a willingness to fail, get back up and try again. You might get exhausted doing this but don’t lose determination and hope because once you are a master of your mind, you’ll be able to direct your chariot to your dreams.”

-Pacesetter Abbey
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A sheep or a Wolf

“In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for special purposes and some for common use.”

As you might have already guessed, the scripture above is a compounded idiomatic expression. There is no large house, neither are there articles, ceteris paribus.

In a large house” is a simile Paul used to connote the embodiment of a church system. He uses an indirect illustration of gold and silver in relation to godly, true, and upright Christians. While wood and clay represent deceivers, wolves under sheep’s clothing, heretical teachers, falsifiers… all hiding under the shadow of Christianity.

This explains how God’s house (the church) is filled with numerous counts of people. A flock mixed with both goats and sheep(s). “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Also, beware of satanic cults claiming to be Christ infused.

Apparently, not all “God-calling” associations are churches, and neither are all “self-proclaiming pastors” true/ordained servants of God. We are responsible for our beliefs! Don’t get drifted by sweet words, energetic charismas, and ravishing outward appearances; but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

God never sleeps, neither does the devil. Does that ring a bell? Just as much as Christ wants us to be saved, the devil also works in dire and full opposition. Surely, he (the devil) is bound to fail, but try not getting entangled by his snares.

May God’s insight prevail in our hearts.

[I conclude with this paraphrase]
In this sacred house at Ephesus there are vessels of gold and silver – eminent, holy, sincere, and useful teachers and members, and also vessels of wood and clay – false and heretical teachers.

[The main scriptural reference is gotten from 2 Timothy 2]

-Pacesetter Abbey
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